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What makes Fluger Purpose Driven Career Counselling special?


Fluger (Флюгер) is the Russian word for the small flag in the mast of a sailing boat. The ‘fluger’ indicates the direction and speed of the wind. A trained sailor determines his course by looking at the small flag.


Fluger was founded in 2004 by Jan Willem Gunnink. Fluger has a team of professional career counsellors in different regions. We believe that every person is unique, with given talents they can put to use in society. Fluger guides development of employees and organisations.




Fluger - for employees
The counsellors of Fluger guide people with questions concerning their career. You may want to further expand knowledge in your work field, you may need guidance when reintegrating after illness or when outplacement is needed after redundancy.


In practical, personal counselling, based on Christian values, we provide cut-to-size advice. This approach, supported by a detailed method, has proved its success in past years. Many people who have had counselling have obtained suitable jobs, that provide energy and joy.



Others have chosen Fluger for the following reasons: 
  • Personal and future-oriented counselling
  • An interesting professional method (detailed in a step-by-step plan)
  • Fluger’s identity and vision



Method of support in reintegration or outplacement
At the first meeting we will discuss the bases from which we will work. We will draw up a plan, in which we will indicate how we can offer support and offer our expertise.



Fluger’s method has four areas of interest or phases:
  • In this (rowing) phase the central issue is coming to terms with and valuing the past.
  • This is called personal profile.
  • In the second (canoe)phase, the search profile is important.
  • In this phase orientation on the future happens;
  • Strategy, method of working, a plan in which a course is set and kept in order to achieve career goals, is called the sailing phase.



Fluger - for organisations
Fluger advises organisations regarding engaging, firing and transferring staff. Keeping the right employees interested in their job and in the organisation, a good hiring and firing policy and drop-out prevention is vital to a healthy organisation. We are more than happy to help you with regards to strategic advice or supporting your current staff policy.



Fluger offers the following services:
  • Assessment when selecting staff or as part of development
  • Team training focussed on cooperation and communication, going from everyone’s ‘strengths’
  • Keeping committed a career counselling program for your top employees
  • Coaching of managers and staff
  • Reintegration of employees out of illness




Location of Fluger?

Fluger’s head office is located in Eemnes (central Netherlands). Telephone +31(0)35-5337840 or email us at welcome@fluger.nl for an informal introduction. You are more than welcome!